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Dr. Bauer and Dr. Clausen met while in optometry school and married shortly after moving to Billings. They have enjoyed the opportunity to practice together since 2008. Outside of optometry, they spend most of their time enjoying their two children and being part of the Billings Community.
Dr David Bauer

Dr. David Bauer

Born and raised in Montana, Dr. David Bauer attended college in North Dakota and Montana prior to earning his Doctorate of Optometry degree from Pacific University in Oregon in 2004. As an optometrist, Dr. Bauer enjoys connecting with his patients one-on-one to ensure that they are seeing their best. That may mean diagnosing and managing eye conditions such as glaucoma or macular degeneration as well as helping men, women and children see better with new glasses or contacts.

Dr. Bauer, who has co-owned Bauer & Clausen Optometry since 2008, says the team is the most important part of the practice. He credits the Bauer & Clausen Optometry staff for their dedication to providing the highest quality care for every patient. Patient needs and interests are his highest priority, and he and the team work together to help patients understand their eye health needs and options.

Always on the go, Dr. Bauer loves to play games with his family and care for his yard in his free time. He’s also a self-described technology enthusiast who loves to research the latest gadgets.

Dr. Robyn Clausen

Dr. Robyn Clausen was always interested in healthcare, and she had an interest in math and science. She received a Biology degree from South Dakota State University, where she worked in a research lab, and ultimately opted to pursue optometry as a career as it would allow her to use her skills while impacting individual lives. She earned a Doctorate of Optometry from Pacific University in Oregon.

Dr. Clausen practiced in Billings for two years before purchasing their own practice and co-founding Bauer & Clausen Optometry in 2008. Since then the practice has become known for their individual attention to each patient and focus on providing the best solution for each person’s unique visual needs.

According to Dr. Clausen, the best thing about being an optometrist is the opportunity to help connect with a patient and have an impact on their daily life, whether it’s helping a child to see clearly for the first time, improving a teen’s self-esteem with contacts, or helping patients to understand their vision correction options and eye health.

When not serving her patients, Dr. Clausen loves to spend time with her family and play the marimba. She visited El Salvador while in optometry school and looks forward to traveling more in the future.

Dr Robyn Clausen
Dr Jessica Forsch

Dr. Jessica Forsch

Dr. Jessica Forsch comes from a long line of healthcare providers, and she knew early on in life that she wanted to pursue medicine. Optometry, she says, was a natural choice. While completing her Bachelor’s degree, Dr. Forsch worked as a receptionist, optician and paraoptometric technician prior to attending the UC Berkeley School of Optometry. Clinical rotations took her across the United States before she joined Bauer & Clausen Optometry in early 2017.

For Dr. Forsch, the practice of optometry is a bit like solving a puzzle. She loves learning about her patients’ lifestyle and visual needs, then finding the right solutions to help them maintain optimal eye health, comfort and sight. She is proud to be part of a team committed to using the latest technology and best diagnostic tools and values each and every patient.

Dr. Forsch enjoys baking, cooking, reading and spending time with family. Never one to sit still, she’s also learning ballroom dancing, studying two languages and has recently taken up running. She also hopes to travel the world more extensively in the future.

Dr. Matt Dooper

Dr. Matt Dooper began his education in his home state, earning a Bachelor of Science in Physiology from the University of Wyoming. While completing his undergraduate degree, he also served as a Teaching Assistant in General Chemistry, Human Anatomy and conducted weekly science labs, discussions and lectures. He later moved to Oregon and earned a Doctorate of Optometry from Pacific University.

While pursuing his education, Dr. Dooper held a wide variety of jobs, including work in the oilfields of North Dakota, handling medical records for an orthopedic practice and tutoring student athletes in chemistry, physics and organic chemistry. It is in these positions that Dr. Dooper learned how to truly connect with people from all walks of life. Extensive optometric training then allowed him to utilize those skills to treat a wide variety of patients in Wyoming, Colorado, Missouri and Kentucky. In his practice, Dr. Dooper enjoys getting to know his patients in a relaxed environment and helping them to make meaningful healthcare decisions. He also appreciates the administrative side of the business, including attention to details and the overall thought that is put into every decision to care for patients and staff. 

When it comes to interests, Dr. Dooper is all over the map – literally. He enjoys golf, reading, playing guitar, poker, hunting, fishing, exercising and basically anything active and/or outdoors with friends. Travel is also a priority; he’s already visited six continents! 

Dr Matt Dooper

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