Eye Infection & Disease Management

Would it surprise you to know that the eye doctors at Bauer & Clausen Optometry can diagnose and treat many types of eye infections and eye diseases? In fact, we are often the first to spot a potential problem and talk with you about treatment.


We have the equipment needed to do more extensive testing if we see something of concern during your annual eye exam.


We take the time to explain any eye infection or disease we find, and provide the information you may need to make additional decisions.


We know and have worked with many specialists in and around Billings, and will refer you for specialty care if necessary.

We also encourage our patients to call us whenever they have any type of eye irritation or injury. Because we specialize in eye care, we have the knowledge and tools available to properly evaluate eye infections and diagnose their underlying causes. If you or your child has any type of discharge from your eye, or if eyes are swollen, red, irritated, or otherwise uncomfortable, it’s important for you to contact our office. We can help you determine if an evaluation is necessary and determine the most appropriate treatment for your concern.

Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding our services and your eye care needs.