Bauer & Clausen Optometry

A Doctor-led, Professionally Managed Practice


Bauer & Clausen Optometry chooses to be doctor-led and professionally managed to create the best experience for all involved, including patient, employee and doctors.
A doctor-led, professionally managed business model is one in which:
• The vision for the practice (how care is delivered, what standards for both clinical care and customer service are established, what services or products are offered by the practice, growth plans of the practice, etc.) is established and led by doctors.
• The day-to-day operations and systems of the practice needed to carry out the vision are developed, overseen, monitored, and elevated by the work of managers (including an overall practice manager and leaders or managers within individual departments).
• Doctors and managers/leaders work together as a unified team to move the practice forward for the benefit of all employees and patients.


Benefits to Employees 
The employee experience ultimately drives the patient experience, and the employee experience only thrives with effective leadership that is available to them throughout the day.  Leaders develop employees on both an individual and team level.  Non-doctor leaders help employees learn/train, problem-solve, implement and maintain effective systems through appropriate observation and feedback channels.
Benefits to Patients:
Everyone on the team is focused on making the patient experience the very best it can be.  Leaders and managers maintain systems that lead to a quality experiences and outcomes. Because staff are managing all other aspects of the business, doctors can focus on each patient, customizing care to each person’s unique needs.
Benefits to Doctors
Doctors cast a vision that keeps exceptional patient care at the forefront of the organization but have the luxury of relying on capable and committed managers and leaders to carry out that vision so that the doctors can put their focus on patient care without distractions and interruptions. It allows the doctors to benefit from the efficiency of systems that are continually monitored and improved upon, allowing the doctors to cohesively partner with the entire team to deliver excellent patient care.